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Class 12 - Year 5- Mrs McAuley and Mrs Craven

The Learning Bubble

Each child has access to their own learning space and class community page along with a range of exciting learning resources. To access these resources as well as other useful things, children need to log into our 'Learning Bubble'. To do this they need to click the 'log in' button on the bottom right of this screen or click the image underneath where it says 'Log into our Learning Bubble. Every child has a username and password. This should be in their homework diary or reading record book. If your child can not find their log in details please speak to Mrs McAuley or Mrs Craven. 

A bit about us

Welcome to Year 5


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In spelling this year your child will only receive 5/10 spellings to learn, they are expected, however, to research  further spellings that follow a similar pattern and then to practice these in their spelling book. I expect at least one page of completed practice, but if your child wants to do more that’s fine! Tests will be held weekly and will consist of the 5 spellings given to your child plus an extra 10 words that follow the same rule.

Reading +

As you are probably now well aware the school is now using the reading+ reading scheme. Each week your child is expected to complete 7 reading+ tasks. These include 5 comprehension activities and 2 word level tasks. We have allocated at least one hour of our weekly timetable to this but the remainder of tasks not completed in this time must be done at home. If you are having any problems with this please let me know.

Homework Changes

In order to meet the demands of an ever changing curriculum we have made a couple of amendments to our homework schedule in mathematics. Work will be set on a week by week basis depending on the needs of the class. Assertive mentoring tests will be set once every 3 weeks as homework and other tasks  may include follow up from reasoning and arithmetic papers. These have been introduced in order to prepare your children for similar tasks in year 6.

Spelling practice will remain the same, although we have recently completed our first cycle of  the year 5/6 spelling list and are now in the process of re-visiting, and consolidating, the rules learned so far this year. In general scores have been high and the efforts made by your children fantastic.

PE kits

Make sure that you bring in your PE kit on a Monday and take it home on Friday. Ensure that you bring trainers for outside and pumps for inside.

Below are some ideas and activities you may want to use to help your child revise their spellings at home:
 Try learning just two spellings a night then practise these for a couple of minutes only.
 Jumble up the letters of each word and see if your child can re-order the letters.
 Research the meaning of each word and see if your child can use them in a sentence.
 Test your child on just a few spellings the evening before their Monday test.
 Use the school learning bubble, there are lots of different games that are designed to support your child’s learning




Anna McAuley - Class Teacher

Mrs McAuley

Meredith Craven(2)

Mrs Craven

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Reading at Home

Please make sure you continue to listen to your children read at home; this is a very important part of their education. Even if your child reads different books I would appreciate it if this is recorded in their homework diary. I try to collect , and check these every Friday. We have a reward system in class to encourage your child to read at home and it would be great to have your support with this. If any of you have any free time during the day and are able to come into school to hear some readers please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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