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Pupil Voice and our School Council

98% of our pupils say that they are happy in school*

Children who stated they were 'unhappy' said that their feelings were linked to a friendship issue which occurred on the day of the survey. 

The term ‘pupil voice’ refers to ways of listening to the views of pupils and/or involving them in decision-making. You may also hear the expressions ‘learner voice’ or ‘consulting pupils’. At Locking Stumps we like to engage pupils as active participants in their education and in making a positive contribution to their school and local community.
Why involve children and young people?
Pupils should have opportunities to express their opinion in matters that affect their lives. Some of the benefits of involving children and young people in decision making are:
• It encourages pupils to become active participants in a democratic society - by holding youth parliaments and school councils which develop skills such as cooperation and communication and encourage them to take responsibility.
• It contributes to achievement and attainment - young people involved in participative work benefit in a range of different ways. Increased confidence, self-respect, competence and an improved sense of responsibility have all been reported by young people who contribute in school. Some schools also report increased motivation and engagement with learning.

See our school council page. 

At Locking Stumps the views of our children are important to us. We regularly speak to children about their school life and are always looking at ways to improve their experiences. 


Click here to take the most recent survey. 

Every year the children in KS2 take part in a survey about school. The survey can be seen by clicking this link. 

Headlines from the most recently full survey are here but click the surveys below to find out more: 

99.3% would recommend their school

98.7% know who to talk to if they do not feel safe 

100% say that their teacher helps them to be the best 

Comments and feedback from children questionnaires, surveys and discussions

  • I would recommend this school because it's an awesome school and if there is a problem the school would know what to do!
  • I would recommend this school to other people because it is a lovely school to go to and it is great fun in the school.
  • Everyone is well mannered during school and polite.
  • It is the best school for cheering you up when you are upset
  • Because it is the best school ever and it has lots of helpful children to help the younger ones
  • This is the best school for learning and attending clubs and everybody can cheer people up when they're sad
  • Because in this school you get a better grade and fun activities and clubs this school is home sweet home.
  • I would recommend this school to other children because there are many safety clubs/groups to ensure children are happy and feel safe.
  • I think this a great school but only improvements are that celebration assembly should start earlier so it is not late. Overall it is a great school with great teachers.
  • Because anybody can come to this school.
  • I feel safe
  • Because it's fun
  • Because this school is really good at helping and teaching.
  • Because to get more people and to be a safe school
  • Because it has lots of teachers to keep us safe and buddies so that's why I recommended this
  • Because our school teachers teach us well
  • You help me really well because you do teach me lots of things in maths and more
  • Because it is an amazing school
  • It is a nice school
  • Because everyone is nice to other people
  • Because it's a fantastic place of fun and learning
  • I would because the school helps me a lot with work
  • I love this school I have been here for a long time and there are so many memories here I love it
  • I would recommend this school because all pupils, teachers and staff are extremely kind and I feel like I'm safe no matter what!
  • Because we are all good friends
  • Because our standards are very high
  • I would recommend this school to another child because everybody looks after you and the teachers are extremely helpful when it comes to work
  • I would recommend a child in our school because it is excellent
  • I would because everyone's treated the same and it doesn't matter if they're different.
  • Because everyone is well mannered in school
  • I would recommend this school because everything here is fantastic.
  • I recommend a pupil to come in our school because they will learn a lot more than in their old school and every teacher will help any pupils.
  • Because it is nice to let other people in and let them have a look around. It is also nice to let other people in because they can get new friends.
  • Because it is a brilliant school to come to and it is fun.
  • Because we are very nice to new people we are always eager and ready to learn
  • Because if children were poor and don't have a school to go to, then they could come to this school, even if they are international.
  • Because it is safe and a kind school
  • Also because it is well looked after
  • Locking stumps school is a healthy school
  • Because there's a lot of friends to welcome this boy or girl.
  • Because every child is welcome in this school.
  • Well led, exciting and entertaining
  • Because it's such a good school!
  • It's just a good and fun school overall
  • It is fun and helpful
  • If we said no they would think we're mean
  • I would recommend this school because it has a fun way of learning such as the learning bubble
  • I love this school
  • Because a lot of people come
  • I think that people need this school because nobody is left out and all the teachers are amazing come to this school
  • Because it teaches people well and it is fun
  • Because everyone is welcome because were are a kind and generous school
  • Because whilst learning you have fun.
  • I would recommend this school to another child as we could teach them to be nice and help them learn new things.
  • If a child was new in this school I would look after her/him and make Her/him real welcome. Because everybody is welcome in this school.
  • I think other children will be welcome to are school and it is a great place to learn
  • Because every day I am happy and smiley.
  • Because every day I'm happy with my best friend. Also I have the best teacher.
  • Because it’s a great school
  • People should come to this school because it is fun
  • I recommend this school because it is really well led and the rules are good.
  • I would recommend this school because you handle it really well and people are well behaved
  • This school is epic
  • Anyone is welcome to join are school. We would make friends with any new joiners!
  • This school is a fantastic learning space for everyone and we are incredibly lucky to have the best teachers in the world. This school makes lessons and learning fun. I love this school.
  • Because we learn lots in each day
  • it is fun Because you can play outside.
  • They look after us well and they give us a great education
  • Because our learning is fun and they would feel very welcome
  • Because they always try to set standards!
  • I would recommend this school to another child because it is fun, educational and generally very good
  • The reason I would recommend this school to other children and their parents is that we are looked after and I enjoy everything
  • I would recommend this school because it's the best school ever.
  • Because it's amazing mind blowing and It is fun
  • Because teachers are really kind and I would recommend it because all of the staff and student are welcoming and every one is happy with your struggles and will help you to do any thing
  • "This school is the best school in the community
  • This school is great!!!
  • Because it is an amazing school located in a wonderful community. The children get well educated and have loads of fun in lessons, learning many different things. We have three brakes, unless you’re in the infants then you sometimes get four. I am positive that all children will have fun. And remember all children, no matter what, is welcome
  • Because it is a fantastic school with kind children and teachers it is the best school ever
  • I would recommend this to some people because it is just a great school.
  • Yes because it helps u to learn and good education
  • Because it is fun and I enjoy it
  • I would recommend this school to another child because I like the school
  • Because the teachers are delightful to be around.
  • I will recommend this school to another child because it is has great teachers and they will have fun in their lessons.
  • Our school is good for people's education and it is the best school ever!!
  • Because it is a good role model as a school
  • Because it is fun and there is loads of clubs to get into
  • Because the child might be nice or it could be someone that wants new friends
  • Because you get a lot of friends
  • I would recommend this school to other children because people deserve a good education
  • I would recommend this school because you can have fun whilst leaning.
  • I would recommend this school to another child because I like the school
  • Because you get a lot of friends
  • I would recommend this school to another child because it's a great school and I think they'll enjoy it a lot more than other schools.😊
  • I think we get too much homework as I have to do all of the reading plus and maths.
  • Because it's the most exciting school ever
  • "Because the school has various activities and other people will enjoy them if they were to join our school .In addition, we have lots and lots of clubs that are after school. Furthermore, the trips and residential are very exciting and involve lots of activities. Evidence to this is that in Plaes Caerdeon we had lots of activities. Moreover, the staff and teachers are very funny and friendly. Like Mr Vermiglio had a lot of bad but funny jokes.
  • It is a great school where everyone is ready to learn and learns new things every day and everyone should have that opportunity.
  • Because we have a lot of activities and we have good standards. In addition we have a lot of after school clubs furthermore ,the trips and residential have educational activities, they have fun things to do plus Mr Vermiglio cracks some bad jokes!
  • Because everyone welcomes each other and the teachers look after every child and helps every one also because everyone is friendly.
  • I recommend this school to another child because the teachers are good at teaching you and are very friendly.
  • Because it helps us learn good and all the people at locking stumps are super-duper nice and I think it is a great place for people to come .
  • Because the lessons are great especially maths and they is no bullying or much naughty people so u will be safe. Then u can make friends very easy and your friends will be great.
  • I would definitely recommend this school to another child because I know that they would have an excellent education which will help them improve what they already know and teach them new things. People in Locking Stumps (children) will always make friends with new children and nobody will ever feel alone or left out. The teachers and staff are very kind, and will always help with any problems. All of the lessons are great fun and our teachers make the hardness or easiness just right for you.
  • 12/12 (100%) of children said that they feel safe in school with some lovely comments including:

    “Teachers make you feel comfortable.”

    “Teachers make you feel safe because there are  a lot of them and lots of MDS’s outside.”

    “Having friends makes me feel safe.”

    “Everyone is always nice and fair.”

    “We have the stay safe box where we can write our worries.”

    “We have a stay safe team and now have children on it who we can talk to.”

    When asked ‘What is bullying?’

    Children knew that it was a constant or persistent hitting, name calling or emotional. They also knew that sometimes bullies bully because they might also be bullied, they might have problems controlling anger, etc.

    When asked ‘How much bullying goes on in our school?’

    “Barely any.”

    “On a scale of 10 to 0:  0.”


    “Hardly none.”

    When asked if bullying does take place what happens or what could happen?

    “We can tell someone.”

    “We can put it in the stay safe box.”

    “We can speak to the children in the stay safe team because sometimes we want to talk to a child rather than an adult.”

    “We can talk to our teacher.”

    12/12 (100%) knew what to do if they were being bullied. One child who, with her mum had informed the school of an incident of bullying explained what happened when she told Mr Vermiglio. She said that no bullying now takes place and everything is OK.

    When asked ‘In our school, what would happen if you knew a boy who liked to play with dolls?’

    Children responded with comments such as

    “It doesn’t matter because different people like different things.”

    “It is good to be different in a good way.”

    “They’re comfortable at what they are doing and they would be treated the same.”

    One Year 6 boy commented on a boy from last year who always dressed up in girls clothes during Lynx club – his friends did not mind at all!

    What do you think of the Stay Safe board and box?

    Children think it is useful, good, a good idea, it is easy to use.
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